Saturday, November 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!  I just ordered Christmas cards! : )

Stationery card
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Friday, April 13, 2012

personality quiz

I've taken my share of super cheesy personality quizzes where the calculation at the end is usually  nothing close to my personality at all, or vague enough that it could match pretty much anyone, but THIS quiz I just took was really cool and spot on about me.  It simply asks you questions about your lifestyle and you select the picture that most closely matches your preferences.

If you're like me, you hate those moments when someone asks you to tell everyone a little about yourself in front of a group of people.  There are a lot of things that make me ME, but putting it into words can be tough.

The end result of this quiz is quite detailed with a separate summary on your spirit, relationships, money, health, food, home, entertainment, style and travel.  The quiz took just 2 or 3 minutes, but I'm telling you - the results were thorough and actually made sense!  Here's a look at my results...

According to this quiz, I'm an Energizer. 

A true original with a great sense of humor and spontaneous streak.  You're fun to be around and love being at the center of the action.  Your passion and enthusiasm mean you thrive on new experiences and ideas.  You value original thought and have a strong appreciation for arts and culture.  Variety is the spice of your life.

You're very down to earth when it comes to love.  You are a deeply loyal person and your partner is probably one of your best friends in the world.

It's hard for you to pick one thing you want most in life.  In a perfect world, you'd have it all - kids, a good job - you name it.

You believe in a balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle.

You like to keep food basic.  Warm homely aromas every day and the perfect Thanksgiving dinner are probably your ideas of culinary  heaven.

You're a free spirit and the idea of just packing up your life has probably crossed your mind.

You love music.

Your style is about maximum comfort with a splash of style.

Escaping into nature and heading off the beaten track is what you live for.

Leave me a comment and tell me your quiz results!  My husband took it and it labeled him a "Seeker".

Monday, April 9, 2012

how to install free fonts

There's nothing like a cute font to add a little pizazz to a card, document, graphic, or website.  Really, there's never a time that a different font won't add interest and style.  Times New Roman, Comic Sans and Arial -- move aside!  There are way too many unique fonts (and they're free) to be using those boring old standard fonts!

There's a little you need to know, though.  First, where are these fonts?  And second, once you find them, how the heck do you make them usable on your computer?  I can help you with that!

There are many places you can stumble upon free fonts (like blogs), but the best place to start is - where there are thousands of fonts to choose from.  The first time you install these to your computer could seem a little tricky depending on how computer savvy you are, but if I can do it - you can.


Browse through fonts and find one you like on DAFONT.COM.


Click OPEN - not save.

A window will open and your font will be sitting there, but you have to move it. 

Click on it, hold your mouse down, drag the icon onto your desktop, and release.

Do this with as many fonts as you like and keep them all together at your desktop.

Once you're satisfied with the amount of fonts you dragged to your desktop...

Click the START button.



Click the FONT folder and open it.

Select all the fonts from your desktop, DRAG them and release into the FONT folder.

Once this is done, you can delete the fonts off of your desktop.

They're now ready to use in whatever program you want (PAINT + WORD).

Enjoy your new fonts!  And leave me a comment if you have any questions.

If you're not sure where to start, here are just a few of my favorite fonts:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

admit it

Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wednesday wishlist

Here in the Southeast, it's been unusually warm.  If only I had a beach trip planned!  I just emptied my closet of everything winter and traded it for all my summer dresses and sandals.  I will miss my boots a little bit, but I'm ready for bright colors, sunshine and swimming!  Here's my spring wish list.

1.)  Green Dress - Lulu's 
2.) Aviators - Delia's 
3.) Sandals - GoJane 
4.) Maxi Skirt - Target 
5.) Yellow Tote - Target 
6.) Bandeau Bikini - Victoria's Secret 
7.) Essie "Pink Glove Service" Nail Polish - Ulta

Saturday, March 17, 2012

how to have the perfect eybrow shape

It's easy to overlook the importance of your eyebrows, but they're actually pretty crucial.  Keeping them plucked or waxed can open up your eyes and make your face look more fresh and feminine. 

Shaping your brows yourself has it's benefits 1.) saves you money 2.) gives you control.  Maybe I'm a bit of a control freak, but the last time I allowed someone to wax my eyebrows, it was a catastrophe!  So I prefer to do my own.

Some prefer tweezing while I myself am a *huge* fan of waxing.  It's faster, it leaves no hair behind, and it's just like ripping off a bandaid - the results are totally worth the temporary pain.  Plus, it's not as hard to do as it may seem! 

First, you'll need to invest in some supplies - it's worth it - trust me.  Once you buy this stuff, you won't run out for a *long* time.  I purchase all my waxing supplies at my local Sally's Beauty Supply.

Let's look at some eyebrow no-no's.  Sometimes people are so worried about having a "uni-brow" - that they pluck way too much in between the eyes.  Others take it too far and give too much arch.  It's good to keep a classic shape.

 I really can't talk about eyebrows without mentioning Megan Fox.  She quite possibly has *the* perfect eyebrows.  When she first started out in the early 2000's, she kept them a lot thinner.  Look how dramatically it can change your face (granted - she has had some plastic surgery).  Her eyebrows are the perfect frame for her stunning blue eyes.  It goes to show that a little thickness is really good!

If you want to shape your own eyebrows, here's a way to map out how they should look.  We'll use the lovely Kate Bosworth as an example.

Before you start, there are some other important things you need to know!

I hope this is  helpful!  It's not meant to be mean or shallow, just informative :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

favorite face products

I have sensitive acne-prone skin which means I have to treat it with special care.  Out of all the products I've used over the years, these are the ones that have been kind to my skin and wallet.  If your skin is difficult like mine (or even if you're one of the lucky ones with great skin), try these out!

The one that took me the longest to get used to was #2 - I'm used to face washes that lather and foam.  The texture of this one feels like hair conditioner, but that's why it's so gentle.  When I use it, my skin doesn't feel dried out or tight - so glad one of my girlfriends introduced me to it!

Unfortunately, my acne has been so bad that I had to go to the dermatologist. I'm all for being natural and using as little medication as possible unless it's absolutely needed - and in my case - I desperately needed professional help!

I'd had a bad experience at the dermatologist in high school. I felt like their guinea pig because they experimented with so many medications on me - many of them inflaming my acne even WORSE.  After many experiments, we realized that Benzoyl Peroxide works for me (although it can dry you out a little and cause itching).  However, I think anyone with severe acne would agree that a little dryness is a small price to pay for clear skin!

I've come to realize that if you want a good experience at the dermatologist, you have to take control and tell them what you want. So if you're struggling with acne, get an appointment and *ask specifically* for Atralin and Acanya *AND* ask for the coupon.  Together (even with insurance) these can cost around $300!  There is a coupon that allows you to buy these together for just $25.  It's a great deal!

This combination has helped me more than Proactiv or any product or prescription I've tried.  I've been using it almost a year now and couldn't be happier.  Just wanted to spread the word for those who feel like their acne is out of control and don't know which way to turn.